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Our Food Forward Program

According to the United Nations, one-third of the world’s food is wasted. In the United States, food waste is 40%—enough to feed 2 billion people. Yet, a Census Bureau survey found that 1 in 8 Americans struggle to secure reliable, nutritious food. 1 in 11 struggle across Pennsylvania. 

To address local food waste and insecurity, Eat Share has been exploring innovative ways to redistribute food to members of our communities. From this endeavor, we have developed Food Forward Donations.

What are Food Forward Donations?

This initiative welcomes local restaurants, caterers, farmers, distributors, and grocery stores to donate their excess food, rather than waste it. Eat Share volunteers will collect these donations, package them into meals, and deliver locally. 

During the growing season, we also welcome fresh produce donations from backyard gardens. No food donation is too small.

Who can receive a Food Forward Donation?

We currently service Lycoming, Northumberland, Union & Snyder Counties. There is no assessment or proof of need to receive an Eat Share meal. We have enough to share, so we do!

Are you a business that wants to donate food?

If you are interested in coordinating donations of excess food from your business, please email us your contact information or call us directly at 570-971-8831. Year-end tax statements to be provided for all in-kind donations.

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